Fotografia Cassia Tabatini
Edição de moda George Krakowiak
Grooming Lau Neves
Set design Ana Arietti
Video Gustavo McNair KANA FILMES
Música Felipe Parra CAPITÃO FOCA 
Voz Melody Attarha
Modelos Antonio Saad SQUAD, Ian Melo PRIME,
João Bratke JOY e Pedro Ferraz
Coordenação de Moda Leila Pigatto
Produção de Moda Bia Amaral
Tratamento Victor Wagner
Thanks 3T Locadora

“I think it was around 1995 or 96 without googling it, when Kids came to the cinemas, I was going to art school and probably I heard that there or everyone was talking about that... I remember leaving the cinema, full of happiness and a felling of gloria... not because I saw there my generation on a kind of lost or without future or something, but, because the american cinema was showing something raw and real, instead of the blockbuster films, that made so delighted I still don’t know why... If I think now, it was probably because in the 90s, being a teenager we thought that it was never good enought if you weren’t in America... it was before internet, etc, and in Brazil you would hardly listen to europeans bands, like rock bands that came a little late with the Stone Roses, I guess... from what I remember...
I thought every kid from my generation into visual arts or arts, or photography, or fashion, or any kind of aesthetic wanted to be Harmony Korine and Chloe Sevigny... It is weird how I see so much elegance on the Proenza Schouler video by Harmony, so what is elegance for me? I see people now talking about the ugly as acceptable etc, in fashion or bad taste, and what is ugly or what is that bad taste, that they talk about... we saw that before so many times, let’s be rapid and say Corinne Day, uglying beautiful as she described once, and the raw work of Nan Goldin before, who inspired so many people, of course, I am talking of became famous and popular, there so many other importants artists in this pool of conception and aesthetic, what has affected me, considering that in the 90s we would not have so much access in Brazil to the worldwide couture...
Well, back to Harmony, he made us thought that was many things which were part of our lives to be okay, and didn’t feel bad after all, I guess, again I am talking about my surrender, I think I didn’t feel bad, to get a camera and go for it, again the DIY working and being big, when you live in a third world country, what I found stupid to call the third world anyway, you have this feeling that you don’t wanna look poor, I hate that so much, because poverty come from inside definitely... so it was hard to people to pick up any camera or video camera and start DOING their stuff, a cool movie like that gave us a power, to say, let’s do it, let’s film, let’s photograph as we can, and let’s document what we are...”